Bill McCartney’s Twitter Masterclass For BusinessPosted on Wednesday 1st, 2017


Twitter Masterclass for Business 

Be honest. Do you know what tactics work best on Twitter? Do you know how to find your target audience, engage that audience and measure your return? This Masterclass led by Bill McCartney, an early user of Twitter will help you. Learn to write tweets that target the right audience with the right message at the right time. The focus will be tweeting to reach a valuable targeted audience generating leads and converting potential customers into sales. Included will be a valuable handout with tips, exercises and links to free Twitter Academy and other fantastic free twitter resources.


1. Create a search friendly Twitter Bio focused on your targeted audience.
2. Twitter Advanced Search to build a valuable network of followers.
3. Create a Twitter campaign for your business that delivers results.
4. Generate leads and convert them into customer sales.
5. Make your Tweets stand out with Hashtags, Gifs, Emojis and Polls.
6. seven Twitter etiquette mistakes you need to avoid.
7. Tweetdeck by Twitter for real time listening, organising and engagement.
8. Overview Twitter’s advertising platform and Periscope video streaming.
9. Two Twitter security tactics you need to know.
10. Understand Twitter analytics to measure your success.

Tuesday 21st February
9:30am – 12:30pm
£79 + VAT per person
At the Ormeau Business Park

Contact us on 90 339906 or
info@ormeaubusinesspark.comLogo Bill McCartney