Go For It Start Up Case Study: The Skinny Sauce Company, Maria DoranPosted on Monday 30th, 2017

A recent Go For It client and finalist in this year’s prestigious Invent Awards, Maria Doran a native of South Belfast is breaking new ground with her recently launched start up ‘The Skinny Sauce Company’. Maria is no stranger to recognition of her talents as whilst a student at Victoria College, she reached the finals in 2012 of the BBC’s Young Apprentice competition impressing Lord Alan Sugar with her appetite for entrepreneurship. Roll on five years and Maria has developed a sugar-free alternative for sauce lovers.

Her sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan sauces, including Sweet Chilli sauce and Sweet Curry sauce, contain between just 3 – 7 calories per 15ml serving.

How did you come up with the recipes?
Maria said, “The recipes weren’t made overnight. I made them at home but I needed to make them commercial. The Down Sauce Co helped me with crucial steps like improving the products’ shelf-life, so I give them a lot of credit.”

 How are they sweetened?
“We only use all-natural sweeteners,” she said.

 What about bottling?
“We do all the bottling with The Down Sauce Co in Downpatrick. I designed all the labelling, with the help of Kaizen Print,” said Maria.

Where do you want to see your product in five years?
“Stocked at the premium retailers,” said Maria. “I want to be selling online, have a strong social media presence, and be a multimillion pound business.”

“The most important thing to me is the quality of our product and the strength of our brand,” she said. “Other brands put cheap and nasty ingredients in their sauce for their profit margin. We’re all natural. I’m seeing Skinny Sauce Company products at places like Selfridges or Holland and Barratt.”

Anything else you want to say?
“We might be skinny sauce, but we’re big on flavour.”

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