Ormeau Business Park Start-Up business Coco Mojo is on the move…Posted on Friday 29th, 2016

Coco Mojo is moving from niche to mainstream with a major European supermarket deal and is in talks to secure export contracts in Australia and Asia.

In the Nordic region of Europe, Coco Mojo drinks will soon be on the shelves of value chain Netto, which has 1,400 stores across several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany.

Netto is part of Denmark’s largest retailer, the Dansk Supermarked Group, which also runs three other major grocery chains.

Coco Mojo is supplying Netto with four flavours: pure coconut water, pineapple and watermelon, passion fruit and coconut milk with tropical fruit.

Closer to home, Coco Mojo is also about to make the jump from the independent sector to large scale retail.

Coco Mojo are in talks with one of the leading UK supermarket chains and are hoping to have their products stocked in local stores initially, then push out into their stores in Great Britain.

Founded in 2014 by Tricia McNeilly who had a lifelong interest and experience in food and nutrition. She became fascinated about the wonderful health-giving properties of the coconut, so set about developing a different style of coconut drink, blending coconut water, coconut milk, tropical fruits, botanical herbs and aromatic spices, including Turmeric and was surprised at its positive reception.

The company is based in Lisburn where it carries out product and flavour development, as well as packaging design. The drinks were previously manufactured in Finland, with the pure coconut water shipped in from Sri Lanka and Thailand. Production has now moved to Vietnam and most of the coconut water will be sourced there, too.

Laura Jackson from Coco Mojo said: “We’re well known for our coconut drinks and our coconut oil, and now we’re launching new products, coconut sugar and coconut flour. The sugar is an increasingly popular alternative to refined sugar, and coconut is a great baking alternative, as it’s healthy and gluten-free. Consumers are getting to know the benefits of it, but they’re not really sure how to use it, so we’re going to launch it with a range of recipes, like red velvet cake.”

Since Coco Mojo’s range of coconut-based drinks was launched in April 2014, it has won a number of awards for taste and packaging design.